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Eye Bank

Nepal Eye Bank

Nepal Eye Bank is a non profitable community based organization working for restoring sight to the corneal blind. Once cornea develops opacification, there is no other treatment except corneal transplantation. Nepal Eye Bank was established on 16th September 1994 at Tilganga Eye Centre with the generous support of HEIR (International Federation of Eye & Tissue Banks). Currently, Nepal Eye bank is associated with Sight Life U.S.A.

Vision, Mission and Goals of Nepal Eye Bank


Eliminate Corneal blindness by real time transplantation in Nepal and beyond.


  • To establish Nepal Eye Bank as a National Center for eye banking working with international standard quality

Goal of Nepal Eye Bank

  • 1000+ corneal transplantation in a year.
  • Maintain & Sustain Consent rate of 60%.
  • Maintain tissue utilization rate of corneal tissue by 90%.
  • Achieve International Accreditation: SightLife USA SOP for International Standard Quality.


Aim of Nepal eye bank

Corneal Blindness is one of the major causes of blindness after cataract in Nepal. Nepal Eye Bank is responsible for the procurement, processing, storage and distribution of donated corneas. Besides this, it also runs public awareness programs for cornea donation through Eye Donation Society, which is a group of volunteers from various social organizations. Nepal eye bank keeps records of all corneal donors and pledgers. It also registers patients who are waiting for corneal transplantation. Nepal Eye Bank is working with vision and mission of eliminating corneal blindness by real time transplantation in Nepal and beyond. It is being established as a National Center for eye banking and is working with international standard quality. 

Functions of Nepal Eye Bank

  1. Awareness and Education on Eye Donation
  2. Obtaining tissue from donors
  3. Run smooth HCRP (Hospital Corneal Retrieval Program at donor hospitals and main crematoriums with the process of notification, screening, approaching and getting consent
  4. Attend call for a voluntary donation
  5. Processing and preserving corneas including pre-cut tissues
  6. Serological screening    
  7. Distribution of corneas to surgeons
  8. Co-ordinate with national and international stakeholders
  9. Maintain international Quality standard as per Sightlife USA partner standard
  10. Tattooing opaque corneas of blind eyes for cosmetic aid
  11. Update and maintain donor and recipients records
  12. List down patients who are waiting for corneal transplants
  13. Train eye bankers from regions of country and outside country
  14. Follow protocol of EBAA (Eye Bank Association of America),  EBAI (Eye Bank association of India) and Ophthalmic society
  15. Formulate plan policy strategy with guidance of Nepal Eye Bank Advisory Board
  16. Research on eye banking and innovate new technology in regards of eye banking
  17. Share learned lesion on eye bank and its technology with the ophthalmic fraternity.  
  18. Create a platform for the growth and development of eye banking


Quality Certificate

Cornea obtained from Local donors


It is better to discuss about eye donation with your family and friends. Donating corneal tissue does not entail any cost to the donor or the donor's family. If you decide to become an eye donor, you have to fill out the eye donation form by visiting Nepal Eye Bank or you can apply online. Donate Eye – Nepal Eye Donation.  Please do a recall or remind when your loved one has passed away, does not matter whether S/he pledged already for eye donation or not. Do contact or call directly to eye bank personnel on duty eye donation counselors at donor hospitals like Bir Hospital, TU Teaching Hospital, Patan Hospital, Gangalal Heart Hospital, or at Crematorium sites of Pashupati Area or on duty Technicians.

Contact numbers are:

9851146825 Crematorium

9851146826 T.U. Teaching Hospital

9851146827 (24 hours on call) Technician

9851020933 (24 hours on call) Technician

9861911801 Bir Hospital

9864595656 Ganga Lal Heart Hospital

9861494921 Patan Hospital

If any… please mail at: [email protected], [email protected]